Sunday, November 27, 2011

Operation Office Complete,FINALLY!

Long time, no blog! I think I am about to have my blogger card revoked if I don't start posting more! But I have been busy, and have some great project photos for you. 

Operation Office is now complete. I decided a few months ago to make our second guest room an office. It has really only been a storage closet since we moved in, so it was time to make it presentable. The cow painting I bought and posted earlier was my inspiration. See what you think!

For this room makeover, I had to buy some things that I couldn't make myself. I love the table, it has a beautiful wood top and barn red legs. I bought it at Rooster Tails, a custom furniture store in Franklin, TN. They have awesome, awesome, awesome items that are a great price. 

The other chair is a hand-me-down from my Grandmother. She used to rock my dad to sleep in it at night. It is one of my favorite pieces in our home. The red chair used to be blue, it is an old school chair that I found in Mom's garage. I decided to paint it the same color of the desk. I took a toothbrush from the bathroom and used black paint to rough it up a little. Davey got on to me later for using the toothbrush :) I am now known as the Macgyver of painting!

I wanted to build a bookshelf out of some old barn wood we collected, but we just couldn't get it to work. I finally gave up and found this bookshelf at World Market for a great price. The storage bins have little chalkboard squares on the front for organizing. We quickly filled it up with books and other knickknacks found in the house.

I also experimented with chalkboard paint for the first time. We have several old windows at home that I have used for different projects over the years. I was inspired with chalkboard paint after seeing a picture of a window that had been made into a nightly menu list for someone's kitchen. I thought it would also be cute for the office. Here is how I did it:

You can find old windows similar to these at yard sales, flea markets, etc... I like that this one has old rope on each side. First, you need to sand any old paint off the sides so the tape will stick and paint chips won't fall in the wet paint.

Then tape the edges and put a coat of chalkboard paint on the window. I did this without priming the window and the paint didn't stick. I suggest using the chalkboard spray paint instead of brush on kind. I think it would do better without having to use a primer. You will need to put a few coats on until you can't see through the glass anymore. That is all, super easy!!!

Here is the final shot of the window and chair. Both projects were simple and fun.

Next project on is Operation Christmas! Pictures coming soon!

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