Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Old Shutters Make Awesome Nightstands

So this project is halfway complete. One nightstand down, one to go. I am super happy with how this one turned out...hope you like it too! Here is how we did it-

Find wood shutters (these were leftovers from my parent's house) and measure how tall you want the nightstand. Next, begin cutting!
After cutting the shutters we measured the sizes for the top and base of the nightstand. We made a list and headed to Lowe's (and only had to turn around once to get the measuring tape)!

The Lowe's trip went pretty smooth. Here are supplies we bought- total amount for making our nightstands, get ready.....only $64.00, insane!!!!

Ok, so don't laugh too hard at our cutting saw. We couldn't find anything but tupperware filled with holiday decorations, but it worked just fine! We cut the base and top of the nighstand and put it all together,this part was very difficult because none of the shutters were the same length or width.

I have to be honest, Davey pretty much did all the building on the project.I just supervised and bossed him around, which is what I do best. Bless him for not hacking at me with that saw! My part in the project- painting and distressing! Oh, and I picked out the cute hinges and spiral knob. Here is the final product!!!!!

Sneak peak for our next project(who knows why the pic looks yellow)...
We are in the process of designing a home office and I surprised Davey with this painting. Isn't it cute?! Davey loves cows so I thought this would  be a nice touch for his office.

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