Thursday, August 25, 2011

Project 1- From Door to Headboard

Project 1 is a success! Woo hoo! I knew we could do it, but I must admit that I was a little nervous. I knew what I wanted, but explaining this to Davey and getting him on the same page was a little difficult. But after two hours in Lowe's, we finally figured it out! Keep reading to see how we did it-


We got the door from a friend who keeps everything, he had a shed full of doors and it was hard to decide which one I wanted. You can find these at yard sales, used furniture stores and even Craigslist.

First we made our list and went to Lowe's to get items we needed. Shopping for items was the hardest part because Lowe's is not my friend and deciding what we needed was easier said than done. We ended up buying too many items, but at least we had everything we needed to complete the project. When we got home we measured the door and trimmed it down to fit the bed frame.

The next step was to trim all the moulding we bought and attach it to the bed. I was super excited about this step because I really wanted to use the power tools. Davey showed me what to do, and I was ready- then I learned the dang safety button was too far away, my thumb was too small! I need female specific power tools for the next project!

After trimming the moulding, we attached it to the door and then stained the moulding to match.
This was my favorite part! Staining I can handle a little better than power tools.
Beautiful!!!! We were getting really excited by this point and just praying that we made it the right length for the bed. It turned out perfect.
I love it! It is exactly what I wanted. Thanks, B for the owl pillow- it matches the room great! I think Ellie likes the new bed too :)

This was a really fun Sunday project and it only took a few hours. Davey is starting to like these projects, even though he doesn't ever really see my vision until it is complete, but marriage is all about trust, right!? Ok, off to eat a s'more. Goodnight! 

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